Monday, October 16, 2006

Blog Neglect!

I was recently contacted by the authorities (my grandparents) to let me know I had not blogged in over a month, and my blog was suffering because of it. I have realised how lonely my blog had become and taken the time to update my avid readers (Grandma and Grandpa) about whats happening on this tiny island.

I finished the end of the summer holidays with a trip to Yokohama with Genki. We stayed there for a week and managed to go shopping everyday. The holiday was very relaxing, with a trip to Disney Sea and night at Yokohama Reggae festival (Shaggy was very amusing) it was a nice break away.

Since school started again things have been really busy. Me and Melissa are taking part in the Dance Festival in Sasebo and are currently practising 3 times a week. It's really great fun except that the dance costume includes white lycra pants. Nobody can wear white lycra and look hot...especially not me!!! The rest of the costume is very cool though, so I'm happy. Me and Melissa also took over the ekaiwa (adult english class) Sierra used to run. We've decided to give it a monthly structure, and now every month we cover new topics. September was Postcard descriptions, October is cooking, and November is festivals in America, Japan and Britain. We start every class with warm-up games and took down everyones details to help remember names. The class now has about 14-15 members when everyone attends, so we feel it's going well.

I'm still trying to exercise more, but it can be difficult to find the time. One of my schools recently started 'running' time three times a week. From next week I'll be joining in, even though I hate running more than any other form of exercise. I have managed to reduce my weight to 9 stone 2 (130 pounds), though I still suspect this is from eating so much sashimi and getting tape worm. I still have half a stone or so to loose, so on with the exercise!

In other news I went to Taiwan last week for a four day trip with Pippa and Melissa. I loved it there so much I'm considering teaching there when I finish on JET. It was a great blend of Japan and China and the people we met were so lovely and kind. We were very lucky in who we spent our time with and what we got to see on a short time scale. Next month I'm heading to South Korea for a short break with some of the ALT's on the island, the lovely Cristin will also be joining me!

There is lots of other important news, detail and photos I would like to put on here, but my time seems so limited these days. I'm sorry for the boring entry, but at least you know what I'm up to. Life is good, I'm happy and things are busy. Time is slipping away far faster than last year, and I'm scared it will be over before I know it. One thing I know is that I probably won't be home for a while. Living in another country is the richest experiance I could ever ask for.


At 2:20 am, Blogger elblaino said...

Great Blog, Vicky!
Hi from Blaine and his family, now back at the University of Pittsburgh.


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